Chassis Dyno & Tuning

The Dernoshek Racing & Restoration shop is equipped with a Mustang MD-800 2wd chassis dyno with an eddy current absorber that is capable of handling 1000 hp and 200 mph. With our more sophisticated eddy current dynamometer, we have the ability to perform road-load simulation, steady state tuning of high performance EFI vehicles, 1/4 mile pass simulations, 1/8 mile pass simulations and more. We can monitor real time air fuel ratio (AFR), and OBDII parameters directly with the dyno data acquisition system. In addition we can also provide you with advanced diagnostics like parasitic horesepower loss.

Mustang MD-800 Eddy Current Dyno
We are experienced with tuning both carbureted and EFI equipped vehicles. Tuning and optimizing your vehicle for maximum power safely is paramount for the best performance on the track and street.

Yenko Stinger Corvair Vintage Racer
LS Swapped Chevy Truck
Tune your Next LS Swap Project With Us

Getting ready for your next race? Want to see what kind of power your car, SUV, truck or UTV (side-by-side) is making? Want to tune your ride for maximum power in a controlled environment? Make an appointment with us today to get your machine on the dyno! We have weekend and evening appointments available because we know you work for a living just like us!

Pro Late Model #98
Getting Ready for the Season
C7 Corvette
Dodge Charger
Chevrolet Camaro

Baseline (3 pulls) - $100

Per Hour Dyno Rental - $150 per hour

Half Day Rental (4 hrs) - $500

Full Day Rental (8hrs) - $900

Naturally Aspirated Engine and Transmission Tune - $750

Boosted Engine and Transmission Tune - $1000

Pricing includes dyno operator, multiple parameter monitoring (like AFR, HP and torque) and paper or digital printouts of each run.